Forever TeamEdit

Forever Team

Airing Date

January 23,2012-March 9,2012

Total Episodes


Followed by

Idol (2012 TV series)




Basketball, Drama, Comedy, Romance

  • Kris Sanders as Erick Fernandez
  • Jenny Nashwell as Sarah Gomez
  • Isabella King as Michelle Ledesma
  • Hana Mays as Irene Munoz
  • Krystal Kuga as Barbie Flores
  • Nathalia Venefsukja as Regina Ruiz
  • Sam Fuentes as Warren Garcia
  • Alice Pineda as Emily Asuncion

Supporting Cast

  • Shirley Johnson as Abigail “Abby” Diaz
  • Yna Yamase as Christina Fernandez
  • Gabryel Ryan as Kate Flores

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